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How new is Joan Wheeler to adoption?

by on July 15, 2013

She is new every time she gets the opportunity to tell her story!

On the public forum for Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change….there is a welcome thread. The following comment by Joan Wheeler shows the kind of nonsense that she speaks and interestingly enough some vital clues to her basic personality, are revealed. It is after all, why we are exposing Joan, because she is a very dangerous person. She has said and done many dishonorable deeds and words against us and our family. And it was about this time period, of this post, that Joan began to enlist other angry adoptees, on this public forum, to go after us siblings! Oh, and of course Joan has very creative spelling! If she used a spell checker it would mean that she would have to read what she wrote and that would cause her brain to malfunction!

Title: Re: Hi, Im New
Post by: 1adoptee on May 08, 2010, 01:55:04 PM

Welcome B! I’m kinda new, too, so we’ll learn the ropes. I’m not new to adoption, though, having been reunited for 36 years, but not so good. Forgiving is not my thing. I think the more I grow I grow into acceptance. For me, too much pain, but for you, your are young. I understand about the extended adoptive family not being very nice…have had experience with realtives treating  me badly just because I’m adopted and not “really” part of their famiy. BUT, recently there have been a few relative (adotped) who have resepected our cousinships and we are building back relationships. Life is a tuleltous journey. Welcome here.

Gert’s comments: Joan’s words, are taken from the above, and are now in italic, with my comments after.

I’m not new to adoption, though, having been reunited for 36 years, but not so good.

True to a point…she is not new to adoption…but she has NOT been reunited for all those years….she glosses over it with ‘not so good’. What a con-artist! Why can’t she just come out and tell the truth…how after she betrayed me, her oldest birth sister, I ended our relationship…that was in 1981. She can’t claim a long lasting reunion with me, nor with my other two birth sisters, whom she also betrayed, not once but several times. She has had NO relationship with anyone in the birth family for decades! And all she can say is it was ‘not so good’!! What an asshole….she never tells about her own behavior or how she betrayed and destroyed all those relationships. It was later in this year of 2010 that she created that cyberbullying page against us siblings, because she and her adoptee friends could not silence us from speaking out against Joan and her lies.

Forgiving is not my thing. I think the more I grow I grow into acceptance

Well the first part is certainly correct, she is NOT a forgiving person! When she feels that she has been harmed (read victimized) she goes after you with blood in her heart and mind! Anyone who doesn’t agree with her will become an instant enemy and fair game for all her nasty deeds and words.

As far as her growing into acceptance…what a laugh! When she wrote this statement (May 2010) her lying libelous book was only out for a few months and we the birth siblings were active in refuting it and condemning her for writing it. At this time period, Joan was very smug because she had gotten the book published without anyone’s knowledge or approval. She had just made friends with other negative angry browbeating bullying adoptees and got onto this bullying site. Within a short while she would use this site and people on it, to come and bully the birth siblings on their sites!

No Joan will NEVER accept anyone who is pro-adoption. She has never accepted her adoption nor the adopted parents, both died now. To Joan’s dying moment she will NEVER forgive them nor accept them. She will NEVER accept the birth siblings because we have shown her to be the liar she is. She will NEVER accept and forgive the birth father who gave her into adoption, when he had no other option. She will NEVER accept nor forgive the birth mother for DYING! So who is she kidding when she says ‘the more I grow I grow into acceptance’. If that WAS true she should have REMEMBERED writing this statement, for she sure hasn’t shown that she as accepted adoption, her adoption, and the fact that she wrote a libelous book against both the birth and adopted families!

Until Joan learns how to accept her lot in life and then learn how to forgive others for NOT being what she wanted them to be…she will be a sick lonely sad person…which she is.

For me, too much pain, but for you, your are young

What does being young have to do with it? Joan couldn’t forgive when she was a child! She was an angry hurtful child…I know, I’ve heard all the stories, and of course Joan herself writes about how her relationships were with the adoptive parents! Pain, oh sure she has pain…and most of it is self-inflicted! She could easily have gotten rid of her pain by just stopping the negative behavior…but no. Her book, which has been pulled from publication because of it’s libelous material, is loaded with her PAIN. She loves her pain, she is one with her pain. So who is she kidding? She’s just trying to impress this new young adoptee!!

have had experience with realtives treating me badly just because I’m adopted and not “really” part of their famiy

Okay so she had problems within the adoptive family…could that have been the beginning reasons why she WENT after everyone? Even after she learned about the birth family, the first things she did was to systematically CHANGE everyone and everything, into the vision she wanted everyone to be in and if she met resistance, she went after you with a vengeance!

there have been a few relative (adotped) who have resepected our cousinships and we are building back relationships.

Oh Joan doesn’t understand about respecting relationships, so why should others, toward her, whether they be adopted or birth relatives. And of course, Joan’s track record is that once someone gives her an opening, within a very short period of time, Joan’s behavior become intolerable and people don’t want to be around her. Gee I’ve noticed since the beginning of 2012 that even on this public forum there is less and less of 1adoptee (Joan Wheeler) on the discussion threads! Makes you wonder now don’t it! Yes, Joan Wheeler and all her screen names have been exposed, by us birth siblings, because Joan is NOT new to adoption nor hate and anger and destroying other people’s reputations.

Life is a tuleltous journey

If Joan really understood this she would have NEVER continued with her hate toward everyone in both families. She would NEVER had written that libelous book. If she really understands this, then she NEEDS to remove the two web sites AGAINST the birth siblings and family and get her boy-friend Brian Maloney, to take down his hate-blog against us. Until Joan does that her life will be full of us…if she doesn’t want us, then she knows what she has to do…disappear…remove the sites and fade into the sunset and stop talking about us.


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