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Change your mind, change your life! Or do you really like being miserable all the time!

by on August 5, 2013

wrote this BEFORE I had my own blog…and again contains many important points

Refuting a Book of Lies: Forbidden Family --

by Gert McQueen 

It never fails to amaze me just how many people there are that NEED to retell their pathetic versions of their lives, to each other, and the world, INSTEAD of accepting that ‘shit happens’ and move on, from pain to ‘having a life’. Personally, I can’t stand SUFFERING, I refuse to suffer and therefore I DON’T SUFFER. It’s all in your mind and your belief system! Hey…I gave up lent for lent! But there are many people who think that that is what life is about…suffering…and so every minute of their existence is painful and they must tell the entire world.

Joan Wheeler, using one of her nicknames of 1adoptee, is never at a loss of words to describe how terrible her life has been, how people have misused her, and how she can never forget nor forgive. Even after spending 35 years of her precious life writing a book…

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