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Evidence, from her own mouth, of the real reasons Joan Wheeler wrote a libelous book!

by on October 21, 2013

Arrogance! Narcissistic arrogance! Self-righteousness! Getting even! Revenge! Money! Fame! Adoption Conferences, social workers conferences and book tour circuits! becoming a named activist! doing lectures! traveling! selling books! making millions of bucks! having a movie made of her life! Those are the real reasons she wrote the book!

Even before Joan’s hate-book was published she was out on the internet plugging it and putting down her birth sisters because we had found out about the book. When Ruth learned of the book she started her blog, as did Kathy. I had to get myself an email account, as I was not on the internet after I retired, so I could help Ruth with writing blog posts about the book.

Then, Joan enlisted all those other angry adoptees, and other ‘friends’,  to come and ‘shut them up’…that them is us the birth sisters.

Then AFTER we were successful in getting the book pulled via the publisher, I started looking around as to where Joan had exploited us. I left many an announcement of my own on many many sites.

Now on October 20, 2013 someone came to my blog via this referrer site;

If you would like to see the entire conversation I had with the blog host you will have to go to the site. Here I am showing Joan’s announcement and my announcement of the book being pulled due to it’s libelous materials and a few more comments of my own and Ruth’s.

Forbidden Family: A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism

Tue, 12/01/2009 – 21:46 | FosterMommy
 A Half Orphan's Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social ActivismAnnouncing….Forbidden Family: A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activismby Joan M WheelerAvailable online at Trafford Publishing Bookstore:The Book is available on Amazon dot com I will also sell my book at Adoption Conferences, social work conferences, general book signings, locally in Buffalo, New York.As income builds, I’ll be able to travel to do lectures.Book information and Trafford link are also available at my website:Thank you!Sincerely,I am an adoptee who was found by my 4 full-blood siblings in 1974 when I was 18. I knew I was adopted, but didn’t know I had an older brother and three older sisters. My adoptive parents did know, but didn’t want me to know. I joined the Adoption Reform Movement about 9 months later and have been advocating for positive change in adoption since then.Joan M Wheeler adoptee, reform activist
and my posting on this site…
book has been pulled

Submitted by gert mcqueen on Mon, 05/23/2011 – 09:25.
regarding Joan Wheeler, and her screen names of halforphan56 and 1adoptee and the book Forbidden Family:

It needs to be pointed out that the book Forbidden Family, written by Joan Wheeler, published by Trafford Publications has been pulled from their selling markets. The book is unavailable and no further copies of it in it’s present form will be printed. The book was pulled by the publisher after several months of investigating the documented proof sent to them by the birth family. The pulling of the book proves that what the birth sisters have been saying, that the book is full of lies and hate, is correct. For further details see:

Gert here…note Joan’s arrogance!  the narcissistic arrogance!

On the back cover of this libelous book, in which she exploited OUR FAMILY, she has OUR family picture; it is on the front page of my blog! We have reclaimed it. We are that ‘forbidden family’! Joan Wheeler had/has NO right or rights to publish our picture and our names! The very fact that she published OUR FAMILY’S name on the front cover is the core of the problem with the book; she OUTED OUR FAMILY! Everything she wrote about us are lies and fabrications….contrary to her claim that it is a true story! Not only it is fiction, it is bad fiction and libelous because she USED OUR FAMILY NAMES.

She said she advocates for positive change?? Where was the positive change within the pages of that book? There were none! There NEVER were anything positive in any of her dealings with OUR family! Speaking only on ‘adoption’, Joan VIOLATED the rights of my father and his wife when they adopted as she VIOLATED my and my husbands rights when we adopted. Joan is a liar, a sneak, a thief, a con-artist, a betrayer…and those are her good points!

Here’s a comment I received from Ruth when I mentioned the referral to her….

“yeah, I saw this earlier – it shows her true motive for writing that filthy book – to get $$$ off OUR backs – and it shows her fantasy of being a “lecturer.” Well, we succeeded in this filthy book pulled from publication, AND by showing those in the adoption reform movement what a liar she is, that $$$ making scam on hers is also dead. – And if the adoptees want to continue to listen to her – that’s their problem. BUT if lies are continued to be told by Joan Wheeler about us and the entire Herr family – we WILL be shutting this b down again.”

And that we will do, for all time…shut Joan Wheeler down!

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