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Pro-adoption folks do not want to hear from Joan Wheeler. Can’t blame them!

by on December 1, 2013

Yep, Joan Wheeler, in all her aliases, really ought to just shut her mouth, via her keyboard. NO ONE wants to hear her shit anymore!

So I note the following from Joan’s tweeter feed…yes, I look at it, as I’m sure she looks at mine. I also see similar blog posts/news stories from other sources.

Claudia C D’Arcy ‏@FauxClaud13 Nov

10 Things Open Adoption Opened Me To …  #adoption #openadoptionstories #adoptionstories

Joan Wheeler ‏@forbiddenfamily13 Nov

10 Things Open Adoption Opened Me To … …

NOW a bit of ‘background’…I recently had my own family’s adoption story published on October 29, 2013…

I also had several comments on Claudia’s story published November 14, 2013 here…

Here is the link, to the blog post that Joan commented on.

NOW I KNOW THAT I SAW, the following comment of Joan’s, on the web page but then when I went to get further information, for this blog post, her comment was no longer there! How interesting! Perhaps my computer is failing to see this comment, and so, I ask if ANYONE does see this comment, on this blog post, please bring it to my attention…thanks.

But I’m going on that the ‘pro-open-adoption’ folks took Joan’s comment off. Why would these ‘pro-adoption’ folks keep her comment up? They wouldn’t. To Joan the only thing that would satisfy her is if adoption was outlawed totally. Not going to happen! So why doesn’t she just go away?

Joan M Wheeler November 13.

Let’s just be done with adoption. Close this book. Abolish adoption for the sake of all mothers, fathers, and their children who are in some crisis that others may claim warrant permanent separation. Adoption is destructive. Period.

Need I say more??


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