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“Pissed doesn’t begin to describe my feelings…” says Joan Wheeler! And she thinks Dad would have ‘readopted’ her?? NOT!!

by on December 28, 2013

This post will address two issues; Joan’s constant state of anger and her unreality-based thinking about what my father would or would NOT do about ‘readopting‘ her.

BUT FIRST AN UPDATE March 2016; as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ another ‘revised’ version. This woman has no shame no sense of family honor!


Just before the holidays, Joan let everyone know, via her ranting, raving and spilling her guts out, about her failed romance/marriage plans and what a loser she picked. Then she got right back into the trenches against ADOPTION. Like I’ve said, what man wants a brow-beater! For that matter no one’s wants that, but, Joan doesn’t care. She’s on one-woman crusade to rid the world of adoption!

There are two new stories, here, that Joan shared and commented on, on Facebook. I’m going to pull out certain parts to illustrate my points (her full comments will appear towards the end). Please also notice how Joan’s ‘anger’ gets in the way of her spelling…one can feel her heat of anger as she types! While we all make typo errors, it really isn’t wise to make an ‘ass’ out of one’s self just because you are pissed and angry!

Joan says…Oh f….: here we go again. Slap happiness. Without comprehending just what exactly formal adoption does to one’s birth certificate (s). And ADULT adoption? Really? ADULTS do not need to be adopted

Gert says…yep Joan can’t contain her feelings! She has yet to learn that the world is vast with billions upon billions of people, children and adults, who WILL ADOPT and she can’t stop it! She is unhappy so why should anyone else be happy. She is totally against anyone being HAPPY about adoption! She’s obsessed over birth certificates. I adopted my own son; he has both his birth certificates! Joan attempted to stop my adopting, violated my parental rights and then called child abuse on me…for not listening to her. She then goes off on ‘adult’ adoption! She just can not accept that anyone should be happy or loved.

Joan says… Great way to start Christmas….

Gert says…it’s all about perspective! To the fellow in the news story, it was great way to start Christmas! I thought that Joan was an atheist, so what does it matter if it’s Christmas or not!

Joan says…uh-oh. More work to do. Glorifying foreign adoptions. Wonderful. Let’s go save the orphans of the world…

Joan says, on tweeter…Did I just say I am at peace? Not with this article

Gert says…yep there’s more work for Joan to do! there’s no shortage of people attempting adoption all over the world. Too bad she can’t clone herself and be everywhere at once, to rid the world of the evils of adoption! Joan shall never be at peace while adoption is in the world.

But at least one person seems to be agasted at Joan’s position saying in a comment….

You can’t be against saving orphans

Yes, Joan is against any form of adoption, including orphans.

Joan says…This idea of “adopting-back” did not come into focus until just before Dad died. He would have done it, I think. But out of respect for my adoptive mother, maybe not.

Gert says…What an asshole she is! How quickly Joan seems to have forgotten what she wrote about, in her ‘truthful’ book!

In the now dead book, Forbidden Family, Joan detailed, from her perspective, every encounter she had with everyone; that’s why the book is libelous. But, I want to zero in on something related to our father. Between the pages 553 and 560, Joan details several disagreements, disputes, insults and anger that she had and displayed with Dad. On page 559, she details how Dad ‘throw her out’ and how she is ‘done with him’, as he was with her!

What Joan didn’t know, in 2009, when she wrote those pages and when the book was published and in fact NO ONE knew until Dad died, was that when Dad READ that section of the unpublished book he was insulted and angered so much that he CHANGED his written wishes and obiturary; REMOVING Joan as one of his children! That is why when he died, the ENTIRE family said they did NOT want Joan around at calling hours or the funeral. She was given a special time period to go to the funeral home. When she arrived the FIRST thing she did was to yell at the worker there that THEY MADE A MISTAKE in the obit! Then she purchased one of her own in the newspaper!

Dad would NEVER have considered ‘readopting’ Joan, whether it was available or not! To Dad, a deal was a deal! He made it in 1956 and it could not/would not be changed. He recognized her as his child, accepted her and her children (including them in the obit) BUT time and time again, since reunion, Joan angered and insulted him. What fucking planet does Joan Wheeler live on? Talk about reality-based thinking!

Since that book was pulled she keeps talking about a 2nd edition! Nope, can’t be any 2nd edition of any libelous pulled book! And if and when she does another it will be brought, read and action will be taken by the birthsiblings. And since that book has NOT been available since May of 2011she thinks she’s in the clear to say anything she wants about it, cause NO ONE can purchase it. Nope, she can’t! We OWN it, has several copies and destroyed many. It’s really too bad that Dad never KNEW that his true daughters succeeded in getting that piece of trash and garbage destroyed!

But, wait a second, didn’t she just say that ‘ADULTS do not need to be adopted’? So it would be okay for her, as an adult, to be ‘adopted’, but NOT anyone else! What an asshole!

here are some posts from right after Dad died, for reference

THIS IS A FORMAL NOTICE FOR LEGAL PURPOSES AGAINST JOAN M. WHEELER AND RUSSELL D. THOMAS OF WILSON NY (he made himself public by signing this on a separate page in the guest book January 16, 2011

Legal Notice to Joan M. Wheeler – Part 2 January 17, 2011

Legal Notice to Joan M. Wheeler Part 3 by Gertrude McQueen, first born of Leonard Sippel January 17, 2011

here now are her full comments and the titles of the news stories

news story one…Marine gets adopted in Christmas Eve ceremony … …

Joan M Wheeler Oh f….: here we go again. Slap happiness. Without comprehending just what exactly formal adoption does to one’s birth certificate (s). And ADULT adoption? Really? Adoption’s purpose was to protect the child’s rights to a family in a financially secure enviornment. ADULTS do not need to be adopted. FORMALLY putting on paper what is in your heart – about the people who raised you should not mean sealing one’s real birth certificate and replacing it with a piece of paper that fictionally replaces one set of parents with another. This is magical thinking at it’s best. How about this: I want my REAL mother and father to be certified by my government on my REAL birt certificate as my parents, but the government took away teir rights t be named as my parents because I was adopted one year after birth. My REAL mother died of cancer three months after my birth. She did notknow she would be removed from my life in such a cold and formal way. Respect for the dead? Addoption is the biggst crock of crap! At the last American Adoption Conference in ril 2013, I asked Joyce Pavao (author and psychotheapist): “What do y ou get when you remove sealed and falsified birth certificates from adoption?” She nswered: “Guardianship”. No shirt. Now, let’s stop this American fantasy-land and et into reality-based thinking. Great way to start Christmas….

Joan M Wheeler I hear you, D We must use the System as it is to gain what we want back. I don’t have that option. The MOTHER I want back on my birth certificate is dead. And so is my FATHER. This idea of “adopting-back” did not come into focus until just before Dad died. He would have done it, I think. But out of respect for my adoptive mother, maybe not. Me, I want my parents on my birth certificate, and an adoption certificate to tell the truth of the legal proceeding that gave me adoptive parents. The System needs to catch up with reality. And, certifying an adoptee’s actual birth certificate should not be a problem. Birth happened before adoption. It is real and cannot be denied, except by the government and delusional people. An added adoption certificate is just an add-on. BOTH certificates are real. This happens in other countries. America had this before 1930. Pissed doesn’t begin to describe my feelings…Thank you, Linda Smith.

new story two…Bipartisan bill seeks to boost foreign adoptions….–politics.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory … via @YahooNews

uh-oh. More work to do. Glorifying foreign adoptions. Wonderful. Let’s go save the orphans of the world…


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