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Who would publish Joan Wheeler; a writer who has a libelous book under her belt?

by on February 23, 2014

Maybe I should, I have the means to and I’m a good editor!

If there is anyone, who would publish Joan, they better know what they are getting into with her. Over a year ago, Joan started talking about looking for a REAL publisher to publish her ‘2nd edition of my memoir’. Joan doesn’t know that there can not be a 2nd edition of a libelous book! Trafford Publications pulled her book, Forbidden Family, for breach of contract, on her part, because the book was proven to contain libelous materials. Any future book, that she might publish, would be an entirely DIFFERENT book!

I have listed here three blog posts, from a year ago, for background information.

A new book by Joan M Wheeler??? No, she’s just looking for others to help her…again! on January 2, 2013

Warning! Joan Wheeler has already published a libelous book & is trying again! on January 7, 2013

New verification that the libelous book, Forbidden Family, by Joan Wheeler, shall NEVER BE REPRINTED. on January 10, 2013

Now as seen recently on her Facebook (people keep me informed) she said…

Joan M Wheeler Ah, but, the above says an adoptee can get her/his sealed birth certificate by hiring an attorney. I petitioned Surrogate Court in the 80s and Judge gave me my sealed adoption records but not my birth certificate. If any adoptee was successful in circumventing the sealed birth certificate laws by doing this, I would like to know about it. Am writing an article, could be a book, about this. Anyone care to go public sharing your sealed birth certificate and your falsified birth certificate in a book? February 16 at 1:20pm

Gert here…Oh so NOW it’s an article! Could be a book?? Why would anyone agree to have their and their families’ identities in an article or book? Seems to me that such a move would just invite serious problems from and within many a family! I do go into much more details on that point in the blog post of Jan 2, 2013.

And as seen on her Tweeter, which is open to the public because she’s trying to ‘create a writing career’ and NEEDS to con, oh excuse me, needs to make contacts!…

Joan Wheeler @forbiddenfamily HYPERLINK “/forbiddenfamily/status/436875393459421184”Feb 21

Will buy your book as soon as I finish mine! Doing all set up myself.

Gert here…And so what does this mean…’doing all set up myself’? Well having self published myself, for over 10 years, I would guess that means she’s using a ‘desk-top publishing program’. Lots of folks do that, including myself! But the real question is…HOW does she plan on publishing the finished product?

If she CAN NOT buy another’s book UNTIL she finishes hers, what good is she to another writer? That’s not GOOD PR Joan! You SHOULD BUY the other’s book FIRST not ‘maybe’ later! She just lost a customer!

Having been there myself; I own the means, physical and financial and legally to produce printed materials, create thousands of copies of the finished product and ship them out! Does Joan Wheeler have that capability? Some how I doubt it.

What I mean is; does she have a NY State vendor’s license to do business in New York State? I do. Does she have the physical machines and equipment to product a ‘finished’ printed product? I do. Does she have the financial startup and continuous cash flow to keep the ‘finished’ product in circulation? I do. Does she have a Pay-Pal or other account to handle the purchase of the printed material? I do.

And most importantly, some thing I don’t have to do, that Joan Wheeler DOES HAVE to do, is…keeping NY State Disability in the know about ANY INCOME SHE EARNS.

In addition to being able to all the work to produce a printed item and have ‘customers’ to purchase the printed item, I still did not EARN an income from the venture. EVERY dime earned by the business, went back into the business! I never did the publishing business for my own fame, glory or financial gain!

Joan NEEDS fame, glory and financial gain…so that means, that even if she is ‘doing all set up herself’, she STILL has to find someone and pay them to produce the product and then she has to find the monies to ship the product out! As a business woman Joan is very naive.

Even if she were to accomplish it…who WOULD purchase it? Trafford Publications said ‘it was a non-starter’, it never would be read by the ‘mainstream’ population and without that mainstream there is NO money to be made. Even if she did any form of e-book…there will never be the return in income that she wants and needs in order to get off NY State disability!

She really ought to forget about it…but…here’s a thought…I’ll publish Joan Wheeler’s book! We could go into business together! I could manage her writing ‘career’; I’m a very good editor and I’ll publish her too! What a deal!

But even BEFORE I got this post edited we see how great her ‘career’ of ‘telling people one by one’ about how WRONG they are about adoption is working!

On Feb 22, 2014 Joan tweets to several new contacts; she’s trying to build a following for her new ‘online’ social worker and writer’s business. In the following I am NOT going to give all the names. If you need to see the tweets they are on her feed, as well as mine and Ruth’s, for anyone to see.

I note that Joan tweeting to another ‘adoptee’ that…‘Too much social indoctrination. One by one I talk to ppl about it. One by one individuals see the problem.’

This is Joan’s great campaign to browbeat people one by one!

Then she starts out with lying to a new contact about a gay couple’s adoption of infants.

Joan says…‘Of course it is. My situation much diffnt. But I never judged any n-parent. Well, yes, men who walked away from pregnant woman’

I tweeted the individual letting him know that Joan certainly DOES judge a NATURAL parent…me!

Then Joan went on a rampage with several people; here are just a few of the comments to her.

@forbiddenfamily Go away now. You’re hysterical.

Joan you are stereotyping all gay men. You are also obviously a nutter.

@forbiddenfamily  Freedom of speech does not extend to hate.

I’m blocking you Joan Wheeler. Pray for forgiveness and a good lawyer if you keep spreading hate

I had to block @forbiddenfamily. I can’t tolerate freedom of speech used to hurt others. It’s illegal to spread hate. I hope she gets help.

Gert again.. So how is this new online business of Joan’s working for her? She’s off to a great start!



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