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A relatively CALM, yet and still a condescending response by #JoanWheeler to an adoptive parent!

by on October 26, 2014

This comment, of Joan’s, was written and placed on the following blog site, in March of 2009.

This was before she wrote the long angry chapter 38 of the libelous book, Forbidden Family, during the months of April to July 2009. It was during this period that she attempted to con our father out of monies to publish the book and pay for her car repairs and when she insulted him. The result was his final action of removing her from his life. Between April and July 2009, Joan finished the ‘book’ in which she ‘again’ turned her anger onto and into the pages of the book. It was published in November 2009. By May of 2011, after several months of the publisher’s lawyers going over the evidence we, the birth siblings, submitted to them, about the libel in the book. The book was pulled from publication by the publisher due to libelous contents and breach of contract.

In the following comment you will note a now defunct website of Joan’s, one of many that Joan has had.

Joan M Wheeler, born as, Doris M Sippel said…

Yeah, you think you have problems. You are the adoptive mother. I am a 53 year old adoptee who cannot get my true birth certificate because of sealed and falsified birth certificates. No adoptive parents should ever be issued record of a false birth. Did you give birth to your adoptee? No. Then why do you have a birth certificate that says you gave birth to that child? Do you think that is honest? Do you think that is morally correct? No, it isn’t. The government should re-do the entire adoption system so that honesty prevails.

My plan: When anyone adopts, they get an adoption certificate that tells the truth about how these parents became parents to that child: by adoption, not a replacement birth with a replacement birth certificate. And, the adoptee keeps her or his birth certificate because that’s the documentation of actual birth. Both documents are then used for the purposes of identification and citizenship.

I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been in adoption reform since 1974 when I was 18 years old. My adoptive parents lied to me, but the truth was told to me by my own full blood siblings — who lived less than five miles from me all of my childhood. Every adoptee has two sets of real parents. That is what I said to myself when I got the phone call at age 18 from a sister I never knew. Please come over to visit me at my blog:

Tell your friends, too. Adoptive parents need to know that the system can be fixed. You had to pay an extra $15 for a false birth certificate for your adoptee. That is outrageous on so many levels. Enjoy your adoptee. Be as honest as you can be. Your love will be returned and you won’t lose that love, or that parent-child relationship should your adoptee ask questions about his roots. He has other parents. Don’t deny him the respect due him. I just took a peek at your family photos…beautiful! If your other children are adopted also, please, treat them all with respect and dignity. Love them dearly, but know that truth is always the best. If you honor them, they will honor you. Peace, Joan M Wheeler March 20, 2009 10:15 PM

my comment…published Oct 26, 2014

I wish to point out that Joan M Wheeler had written, in December 2009, a libelous book, called Forbidden Family. It was pulled from publication, by the publisher in May of 2011. The birth siblings have 2 blogs detailing the deeds and words of Joan Wheeler.

yep Joan has a plan, she knows what she is talking about! She has never held a long term job in social work so she can not legitimately call herself a social worker. She is not a reformer. She is a browbeater and a hater of all things adoption. She is free to give advise to others, but has NEVER treated her own children with care and respect. She is seriously flawed and speaks with forked tongue.


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