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Hate and anger are the root causes of #JoanWheeler’s chronic illnesses and her dissatisfaction with the Divine.

by on October 28, 2014

There’s an old saying…there are NO atheists in foxholes and on  the death bed!

I don’t know if that’s true or not but…

what I think isn’t important for I am at peace with my life and I’m prepared, as much as I can be, for that last rest!

Joan’s time on the battlefield, and in the foxholes, of adoption reform, hasn’t given her any comfort, peace, joy, honors or reform. It’s just been more years of anger and fighting against her self-created enemies; adoption and anyone who advocates for adoption and a life filled with torment and pain and aloneness. I don’t see her getting much attention from many in the reform movement. I do see that Joan has ‘battle fatigue’ but she’s just not ready to hang them boots up. She doesn’t even seem to know that she LOOKS worn-out and sick!

She, like all of us, will eventually be on our death bed…none of us are getting out of here alive. So why doesn’t she fill her current existence with peace, joy, comfort, happiness, love, companionship? What she’s been doing all her life HASN’T worked; it needs to be abandoned. She needs to try something else. She keeps ‘looking for love in all the wrong places’, then when it goes bad, as it always does, she blames everyone and everything, except herself!

Chronic illnesses, of all kinds, are the direct result of a deep distrust of the Divine and the divine-nature in one’s self. Hate and anger are the root causes of chronic illnesses.

Religions do not provide peace, love and happiness. THE DIVINE does! There is a huge difference between ‘religions’ and ‘the divine’. The Divine is not confined to one or many definitions. There are many WAYS to access the Divine. It is only humans that cause the negatives in the name of the divine and get wrapped up into religions and all wars, of any kinds, in the name of a religion.

If Joan Wheeler declares herself as an Atheist, then why does she also call herself a Humanist and a member in the Unitarian Universalists? If she doesn’t believe in the Divine, then why does she believe in the American Indians’ beliefs of the Divine? Why does she even post ‘positive’ saying? If she’s so miserable why does she even bother? Because she’s presenting a mask to some and then she’ll take that mask off when she gets upset with ‘religions’.

Many atheists marvel at the ‘science’ within nature; that marveling is a ‘recognition’ of ‘some’ power that is bigger than they are. That power is the ‘divine’, even if the atheist marvels at the ‘science’ of it all, they are expressing a marvel of the ‘divine’.

In Joan’s case, she refuses to accept the fact that ONLY she is in control to have a good life for herself! She has the ‘ruby slippers’! No religion, no god, no scientist, no human will ever give her want she wants…peace…because Joan refuses to accept the LIFE SHE HAS and all the circumstances, of that life, that she CAN NOT change. Joan is stuck! She needs to open her mind to other possibilities. She is always telling others that they NEED to read books, books on adoption. She states that she knows what she is talking about. Well, she doesn’t! She NEEDS to read other books! On the Divine, because not only is she is INTOLERATE she is utterly  stupid on the subject of the DIVINE.

To change from intolerance, a person MUST begin with ACCEPTANCE of themselves, by loving themselves. Everything else is just commentary!

I’ve said it before… if you don’t like your life, CHANGE it. You are what you THINK and you are what you DO.

Joan continues to broadcast her illnesses and hatred of all things of the Divine, therefore she chooses NOT TO CHANGE.

Her last ‘romance’, summer of 2014, began with a chance meeting on a walk in nature. It lasted about 2 months. He is a Buddhist. It is obvious that he could NOT tolerate Joan’s INTOLERANCE for they split and have REMOVED all information about their ‘meeting’ and their ‘relationship’ from each other’s Facebook pages. I knew before I was informed of it.

Now, it so happens that I know something about Buddhism. I even practice what ‘he’ practices; just one of many traditions that I follow and practice. I am not an official member, but I have many of their materials, have gone to many homes and have done many observations alone and within this community of Buddhists. The SGI, community of Buddhists, have a chant, from Buddha,  to ‘dispel delusion about the limits of our happiness and reveal our inherent strength, wisdom and compassion’. It is quite simple and yet so powerful.

Nam, myoho, renge, kyo

See this link for more info…

I bring all this up because Joan recently posted a couple of items; one, about ‘chronic illnesses’ and two, on her condescending attitude about ‘advanced techniques’. Chanting mantras is common to all religious traditions and even in the secular world of ‘mindfulness meditation’.

So what does Joan say?  My chronic illness wears me out       and

Even certain Buddhists use “very advanced techniques”

Joan’s statement about ‘advanced techniques’ is a misplaced statement to the ‘picture’ she shared! The shared picture is from certain ‘christian’ propaganda, not Buddhist. She makes grave errors when she doesn’t know what she is talking about, which unfortunately, is often. She mistakes prayer and chanting with ‘advanced techniques’. I do the practice of chanting; this chant and many more!

She herself uses advance techniques; it’s called hate and anger! Hear her mantra…ALL ADOPTIONS ARE EVIL

She is SOOOO into her pain that she must DESTROY all forms of the Divine in any other human she comes in contact with!

Why doesn’t she just say ‘hey I’m into lust’ and be done with any other human-contact pleasantries of a ‘relationship’. Why kid herself and the guy too? She might save herself and the other person a lot of grief! Just Do It and get on with it!

She posted this about chronic illness…but then she also posted PICTURES of her at a zumba class! She’s on NYS disability!

And then she posted another picture, mistaking it for Buddhist’s practices. She has insulted many!


 Joan M Wheeler shared Atheist Shirts and Stuff‘s photo.

Oct 26, 2014   Yep. Even certain Buddhists use “very advanced techniques”… I am sick of religion.


Someone asks Joan… Why do you hate religion so much?

I also ask…Yes indeed why?

And now that she no longer has a ‘love’ interest, at the present moment, she’s back on the frontline of that battlefield…again! This time she really spells it out…she no longer is just a adoption reformist!

October 29, 2014 Joan Wheeler states…

No, I am not “for” adoption. As an anti-adoptionist, I take the stand that these adoptive parents are kidnappers, human traffickers, just as all adoptive parents are guilty of taking someone else’s child as their own.

An anti-adoptionist! oh boy! what an ego-tripper she is! Must give her ego a great boost! and her soul? takes a back seat yet again! She spends hours searching for negative news stories to twitter and facebook and just works her self into a frenzy.

On November 6, 2014 she makes clear her feelings for …

Joan M Wheeler  November 7, These are Christians folks. Christians. Fuck them all. They deserve to die.


and so she keeping on digging deeper into that foxhole trying to get further away for the Divine spark!


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