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Incorrect Medical Information Given to My Adoptive Parents in 1956

by on November 1, 2014

Joan just published this INCORRECT information on her blog

Incorrect Medical Information Given to My Adoptive Parents in 1956.

after she saw yesterday my post of the real truth…

Joan can continue lying and I shall continue telling the truth.

updated info…I left a comment on the site that Joan left wrong info. They originally posted my comment and then after a couple of hours, they deleted my comment.

this is what I said on nov 1

I am in agreement that adoptees need medical information…true medical information, misinformation does not help anyone. When wrong information is said about my mother I must, in all good conscious to her, answer that wrong. I did on this post…

I relate to adoption issues because of wrong information told about our family. Also I adopted my birth son with my second husband.


So the upshot of this is…the POLITICAL agenda of adoption reform DOESNOT want to have the truth, from family members who have been misused by ADOPTEES.

I now present the two different versions of Joan’s telling of the same misinformation…

Posted on Forbidden Family web site

Date Posted: 27 Oct 2009 @ 2:09 AM

Last Modified: 13 Apr 2012 @ 06:28 PM Posted By: legitimatebastard

When my adoptive parents “got” me, they were told that my natural mother died of uterine cancer. Believing this, my adoptive mother worried that I might be susceptible to the same cancer. As a preventative measure, from as early as my teen years, I was seen by a gynecologist and had pap-tests every six months.

When I was 18 and found by siblings I never knew, my natural father, on our very first meeting, gave me a certified copy of my deceased mother’s death certificate. Six months later, I was a Freshman in college. I went to the college library and looked up the terms in a medical dictionary. My natural mother did not die from uterine cancer, as I was told by my adoptive parents, and they were told by my natural father, she died of kidney cancer. So I had had repeated pap-tests and had been worried about the wrong medical condition.

It is vitally important that adoptive parents are given a correct medical history for the infant they adopt, especially in the case of the death of one or both natural parents. In fact, a detailed medical history going back another generation is very helpful.

Here is a scanned image of my natural mother’s death certificate as given to me by my natural father in March 1974. Note the words: carcinamatosis hypernephroma, which means cancer of the kidney.


forbiddenfamilyHYPERLINK “” \l “c5014133443968316482″October 30, 2014 at 1:43 PM

When my adoptive parents “got me” in 1956, my natural father told them that my mother died less than a month previously from uterine cancer. Because of this, as a teenager, I had twice yearly PAP tests, looking for uterine cancer. I was reunited with my father and siblings and extended family (natural mother’s family) in 1974. No one talked about health issues. They were too busy comparing me to the others as to who I looked like, who I sounded like. Meanwhile, my father handed me my mother’s death certificate. Cause of death: cancer of the kidney. My grieving father had given the wrong cause of death to my adoptive parents (I do not blame him in any way – he had just lost his wife of ten years and the mother of their five children). They, in turn, gave me the wrong information. I, in turn, had been tested for the wrong medical problem. In college in the 70s, I developed very frequent bladder and kidney infections. I asked my gynecologist if it was possible that these were indications of cancer. That is why we petitioned the hospital for my mother’s records, and mine, at my birth and during the three months prior to her death. To my relief, no, my bladder and kidney problems were due to stress and not inherited tendency to cancer. My full blood siblings, however, drilled it into me that I “did not have my facts straight”. They told me off, saying that Mom died of cancer of the uterus and that I was lying. Apparently, our grieving father had told them that our mother died of uterine cancer. Apparently he had never given them our mother’s death certificate. Additionally, the judge who presided over my adoption never bothered to ask my father for my mother’s death certificate. This was in 1956, a time when society believed that babies were “blank slates”. Environment meant more than biology. My father was not required to fill out medical history forms during the months before my adoption became final. Nothing was mentioned about his medical history, nor of his parents, cousins, aunts and uncles. My father was not required to provide any medical history of his deceased wife’s family. My father finally told me in 2003 what his parents died of a few years after he relinquished me. His father had gangrene in his leg. His mother died of colon cancer. Health care is vital. We adoptees need to know the truth.


Adoptees want the truth of their medical histories…but when they listen to Joan Wheeler, they get different lying versions and REFUSE to hear the birth family’s truth.

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