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The browbeating skills of #JoanWheeler #forbiddenfamily upon folks that #adopt Let’s #flipthescript

by on February 4, 2015

Browbeating, insulting and condemning people, for the choices they make in THEIR life, will NEVER eliminate the institution of adoption. When a person (Joan) browbeats, insults, and uses other unsavory tactics, she has LOST them. They turn her off. They see her for what she is, a hater of adoption. Joan never wins!

This example, of Joan’s way of ‘educating’ people, is found at this Huffington Post link;

First, let’s look at how Joan beats her drum on Facebook…

Joan says…

So this adoptive father says in the comment section:

“Henry Farkas · University of Maryland
Here’s what my daughter, the lawyer, thinks about this issue:

I don’t think the issue of whether or not all adoptions should be open adoptions should decided made based a devotion to the sanctity of legal documents. The decision about whether to permit adoptees or the general public to have access to the original birth certificate should be made for sound policy reasons, with appropriate consideration of the privacy interests of adoptees and their biological families. Our legal documents should serve our needs, not the other way around.

Irrespective of adoption, there are and will continue to be “false” birth certificates. Besides the old-fashioned reasons that a birth certificate might not show the actual biological father’s name, assisted reproductive technologies mean that biological paternity and maternity are no longer obvious to the person preparing a birth certificate. I can’t see any policy reason why we would permit egg and sperm donation to be anonymous, but not adoption.”

Go get him!

Gert here…To make sure you understand this…it is Joan who says Go get him! She’s inciting a mob! She wants people to ‘go get him’! And this will help educate people? This will help change people’s minds? This will help adoption reform? I think NOT.

Then after she comments on the Huffington link she says on Facebook…

Joan M Wheeler Common folks! Need more comment in there! I nailed him to the wall! January 28 at 11:25pm

Gert here… She insults the man calling him ‘common’ which of course ‘elevates’ her superior position and yep she ‘nailed him to the wall’! Is that similar to nailing on the cross? Will this kind of behaviors and thought patterns of Joan’s CHANGE the way things are done in adoption? Don’t think so.

Then on Huffington Post she is using TWO of her many screen names Forbidden Family and Joan M Wheeler. Let us also note that as Joan M Wheeler she is a Freelance Writer at Self-Employed. Self-Employed is a Facebook thing, it is NOT any REAL organization that EMPLOYES anyone! Anyone can call themselves a ‘freelance writer’! Hell, I’m a ‘freelance writer’! I know several others that are really self-employed, as freelance writers, that have many books published! And of course they DO HAVE TO PAY for the services of OTHERS to have their books printed!

As a side note…how exactly does Joan plan on SELLING the book she’s been revising? How does she plan on PRINTING the thing? Is she really going to do it all BY HERSELF? Naw…she doesn’t have the means to do so…but we shall see. I know I PLAN on purchasing whatever she puts up for SALE. My dollar is as green as the next person!

But back to what she has to say. I am NOT going to place her entire comments because I just don’t agree with her position(s) and will not promote them. I’m only interested in pointing out Joan’s superior KNOWLEDGE and PEOPLE SKILLS.

Forbidden Family

This is a blog written by a person conceived via sperm donation.

(some of this comment has been deleted GM)

Joan M Wheeler · Top Commenter · Freelance Writer at Self-Employed

Oh, so an adoptive father is going to sling out his daughter THE LAWYER? Ha!

Has THE LAWYER been studying this issue as long as WE have? I don’t think so. Has THE LAWYER done extensive research into sealed and falsified birth certificates? I don’t think so.

I’ve been at this for 41 years!

There is a huge difference between OPEN ADOPTION and SEALED or UNSEALED BIRTH CERTIFICATES.

(the rest of this comment has been deleted GM)


Henry Farkas · University of Maryland

I have three children, two adopted. The adopted ones have the usual false birth certificates, but my wife was good at reading things upside down on social workers’ desks so we know the names of our adopted children’s biological mothers. Our son was uninterested in following up to find his bio mother when we raised this issue with him as a teenager. Our adopted daughter was interested. We found her bio parents, and she’s glad we did. · January 28 at 9:25am

Forbidden Family Sorry I posted my comment in your support. It was written last night. Your comment above this one did not appear until later today. You do not deserve credit for being open-minded, not with your Lawyer daughter brought out as an authority figure. She pulls no weight over me! · January 28 at 10:45pm

Gert here… So she had given her ‘support’ for the guy until he brought out a ‘lawyer’! Never ever do one better than Joan! Henry, by addressing the issue with an opinion by his daughter, who happens to be a lawyer, made a ‘cardinal sin/error’, in Joan’s eyes. This error gives Joan the right to chastise the guy because he dared to express his and his daughter’s opinion. Joan has a huge problem with ‘authority figures’, too bad Henry didn’t know that! She has ZERO respect for anyone who disagrees with her!

Forbidden Family

A person’s birth certificate is issued by the State Health Department within five days of birth.

(the rest of this comment has been deleted GM)

January 28 at 10:46pm

Gert here…too bad for Joan that she can’t live forever…so many billions of people in the world that ADOPT so little time for Joan to stop them all! She needs to get a freaking life!

In yoga there is a saying…’as the mind, so the man; bondage or liberation are in your own mind’


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