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Digging into her archives #JoanWheeler must not have anything new to say! #flipthescript

by on February 11, 2015

But then again she hasn’t said anything new in decades just the same old, same old. Interesting that she is resurrecting one of her old blog posts!  Should we expect more? That’s okay, I got lots to counter her! Is this part of her plan? Or, is it to prove her dedication to the destruction of adoption? Or just something to appease her diseased self-importance? Who the hell knows! She’s a piece of work alright!

This recycled post, link provided below, of Joan’s is from January 2010.

And she says…Just because this needs another go-round:

Okay fine, we can have another go-around. Historical background… She had JUST gotten her book Forbidden Family published in December 2009, and by January she KNEW we were onto her BS and lies. The book was pulled from publication, by the publisher, in May 2011, due to libelous content and her breaking of the contract, she signed, with Trafford Publications.

Today, Feb 2015, Joan must be in the midst of a ‘new’ campaign; she ‘says’ she has a new book coming ‘soon’.  And, if such appears, we, the birth family, will purchase the book, like we did the last one, and we SHALL determine if it contains libel against us and family.

Joan, like anyone else, has the right to WRITE their story…but…they can NOT write libel against others.

I find this ‘resurrected’ blog post of hers to be very telling, in many ways. At this moment, I will not offer comments except for these words of Joan’s…

yet, my sisters are still out there harassing me. I have no contact with them for a number of years into our reunion, and do not want contact from them because of their destructive behavior to me, my children, my adoptive mother, and my ex-husband. Why would I want to build relationships with people who have mocked me for decades and now want in on the action because my book is published? Or because they now want to be a part of adoption reform when they mocked me for being in adoption reform since I was 18? They are filled with nothing but malicious slander and defamation toward me. Every word I write is the truth. 

We were NOT harassing her, now, then or ever! She said, we wanted ‘in on the action’ of the book?? Or we want to be part of adoption reform?? What planet was she on when she wrote this bullshit? Joan is so delusional to think that her ex-husband, her ex-boyfriendS and her ex-sisters wanted a PIECE OF THE ACTION of a garbage book that didn’t last but a YEAR. And today she is trying to lay the foundation for a new and improved memoir! Lots of luck!

All we, her birth sisters, have ever wanted was for her to SHUT HER FUCKING MOUTH.

Malicious slander and defamation is what Joan does! Every word she writes obviously is NOT the truth, or that book would not have been pulled.

So here’s the link, to just one of Joan’s rants, that she herself has brought out of the depths of her hate and anger so more can see her position. Hope she brings out her hate blogs against us the birthsisters; I have lots of counter posts to put out there!

And while you are at it, spend some time looking over my blog and Ruth’s blog so that you get the ‘balanced’ picture. We have had lots to say about what Joan has written and believe me…I have much more in the wings!



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