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An April Fools post by a true Fool – Joan Wheeler

by on April 1, 2015

Refuting a Book of Lies: Forbidden Family --

Seeing as this is April 1, usually known as Aprils Fools Day, it is quite appropos that a certain fool writes another foolish post. This particular fool got her hair done and started talking about adoption and tells her hair stylist that her “family of birth was destroyed by adoption.”

Where does she get this foolish idea? Our family was NOT destroyed by HER adoption! Our mother died. Jesus Christ, Joan, won’t you let that woman rest? Have you no shame?

Anyway, our mom died, and Joan was adopted out. Our father remarried. His second wife was mentally ill. We kids were scattered into foster homes, an orphanage, various relatives homes, but WE WERE NOT DESTROYED! Relationships suffered, yes, but NOT DESTROYED! How does Joan account for this blog, maintained by The Three Sippel Sisters? Our sisterhood was NOT DESTROYED by Joan’s adoption! Our relationship with our father is shaky…

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