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Wow, 4 years already! and more to come! because Joan M Wheeler, duped by adoption, keeps on yanking away

by on July 26, 2015

Yep…Just when I was getting all those BACK FILES under control…well actually no, I have lots of files I haven’t seen in…ah four years!

Joan does have diarrhea of the mouth and thinks she is untouchable. Nope, she’s only human as we all are. Now that she has published her NEW revised book she’s flying HIGH. She’s in for a huge fall!

All in good time! Stay tuned, same station and A NEW ONE COMING!

and remember…where I live the winters are long…that means I have more time to write ALL about Joan M Wheeler and answer all she has to say! After four years of blogging, I’ve only JUST BEGAN to discredit this liar and exploiter of my family!


  1. 4 Year Anniversary Achievement
    Happy Anniversary with!
    You registered on 4 years ago!
    Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!
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