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#JoanMWheeler #forbiddenfamily #dupedbyadoption lacks the skills/techniques of proper Pedagogy (science or art of teaching)

by on August 4, 2015

By her own admittance she is ‘no’ speaker…but a writer! Well that is debatable! She obviously has no skills in diplomacy either! If someone objects to her or affirms their freedom to do, or think, for themselves, Joan then resorts to browbeating, bullying and insults!

BUT first a brief UPDATE… I have a new blog and Facebook page…

so back to THIS post…

The following are some exchanges seen on Twitter recently, July 30/Aug 1, 2015

This is not the first time that we have seen Joan M Wheeler brow-beat others for ‘their’ choices in life; unfortunately it won’t be the last.


Bee Girl retweeted Brienne of Snarth

Whose names you think should appear on BC of kid of a straight couple who uses a sperm donor to conceive?

@beegirlny  said Jul 24

The sperm donor. That is the child’s bio heritage and ancestry.

      Then from…@forbiddenfamily  said Jul 30

@beegirlny @femme_esq Sperm donor’s name on BC as he IS the father! A-father name on Adoption Certificate. Conception+birth are not adoption

       ‏        @femme_esq  Jul 30

@forbiddenfamily A sperm donor is a sperm donor. Many are anonymous. They’re not fathers just because they’re donors. @beegirlny

      ‏         @frommsb  Jul 30

@femme_esq Many sperm donors would balk at the thought/responsibilities of being named the father. That is why they are anonymous.

     ‏        @femme_esq  Jul 30

@frommsb Don’t tell me, that’s the point I’m making. Tell the lady who told me all sperm donors are fathers! Ugh.

            ‏@frommsb  Jul 30

@femme_esq I know. I was just being frustrated.

            ‏@beegirlny  Jul 30

@femme_esq @forbiddenfamily Actually they are fathers. Sperm isn’t just a blank seed. It’s genetics. Shouldn’t be a way to make $ & move on.

             ‏@femme_esq  Jul 30

@frommsb I know her perspective comes from pain but it’s real limiting for the rest of us!

      ‏      @femme_esq  Jul 30

.@beegirlny @forbiddenfamily Actually, people who donate eggs and sperm are only parents if they and the donees agree that they are.

          Then from  ‏@forbiddenfamily 

@femme_esq @beegirlny Wrong: DNA proves sperm donor IS father! Paternity lawsuits are based on DNA to make dead-beat dads pay.

         Then again from  ‏@forbiddenfamily 

@femme_esq @beegirlny Actually, you are in denial of the facts of life itself. Not @beegirl, but you @femme_esq

             ‏@femme_esq  Jul 30

.@beegirlny @forbiddenfamily Your insistence on the primacy of “biological” parenthood comes dangerously close to devaluing many families.

           Then again from   ‏@forbiddenfamily   says

@beegirlny @femme_esq Key word here is REALITY. Social parenting does not override DNA’s importance. YOU think it does.

              ‏@beegirlny  Jul 30

@femme_esq @forbiddenfamily I can love many kinds of parent. Step, adoptive, grand etc. they don’t need to be on the BC.

               @femme_esq  Jul 30

.@beegirlny @forbiddenfamily Nobody’s asking for your “love”. Your arbitrary requirements prevent privacy,and autonomy for those unlike you.

       And again… ‏@forbiddenfamily   says

@femme_esq @beegirlny Privacy of donors prevents donor-conceived people knowledge of who they are. Read: Lethal Secrets by Annette Baran

        Then from….

Bastard Nation ‏@BastardsUnite 

@femme_esq @forbiddenfamily @beegirlny Genetics aren’t anonymous, they are personal and intimate

        ‏    @forbiddenfamily   says

@BastardsUnite @femme_esq @beegirlny With DNA testing, adoptees and donor-conceived people can and do find relatives who share their genes


@BastardsUnite Please remove me from this conversation. I can’t repeat myself to them anymore.

           Bastard Nation ‏@BastardsUnite 

@femme_esq Fair enough, but it’s a conversation you should have with the donor-conceived. Adoptees are the canaries in the coal mine.


@BastardsUnite Don’t tell me whom to talk to and what to talk about. Bye.

           But she can’t stop….  ‏@forbiddenfamily  says

@femme_esq @BastardsUnite Seems to me that Brienne of Snarth cannot face reality.

Bastard Nation ‏@BastardsUnite 

@forbiddenfamily she is fierce on many issues and we honor her request to be removed from these mentions.

        Again From  ‏@forbiddenfamily 

@BastardsUnite So be it. It is interesting that those who clammer at us demanding answers always turn tail and run away when we give answers

At some point in there I said…


@DeeshaPhilyaw @femme_esq FYI forbiddenfamily is 100% anti-adoption goes aft all see my links

(That tweet of mine got over 47 views!)

But then she starts again…

from @aliciafiasco_

@forbiddenfamily @beegirlny I get that you are passionate about this, but the fact remains people are free to make their own choices.

@forbiddenfamily @beegirlny And if people choose to donate their sperm or egg, it is their right to do so. Deal with it.

@forbiddenfamily @beegirlny You ranting at me changes nothing so stop wasting your time.

@forbiddenfamily @beegirlny You’re not teaching, you’re being an insufferable asshole.

FROM  @forbiddenfamily

@aliciafiasco_ @beegirlny Insulting me because you can’t understand? Or won’t put your self in position of the donor-conceived?

‏          from @aliciafiasco_

@beegirlny @forbiddenfamily Again, that is why records are kept. Repeating yourself doesn’t change the fact that people can donate to others

            ‏from ‏@forbiddenfamily 

@aliciafiasco_ @beegirlny What records are kept? 3 decades ago fertility clinics destroyed records to prevent DI from ever finding father

‏AND from Michael Allen Potter ‏@icartographer 

@aliciafiasco_ @forbiddenfamily @beegirlny O, Clit Lab, your ignorance is *remarkably* wilful(!)

NOTE FROM Gert… !!why the nasty input from the ‘kindle editor’ of Joan’s new e-book?

and Joan’s come back  from   ‏@forbiddenfamily 

@icartographer @aliciafiasco_ @beegirlny Clit is now “MaleTears”. Says to deal with it. Yeah, donor offspring have no choice in it all.

AND Joan’s BS continues…she is just marginalizing her self more and more!

Birds of a feather…flock together!

And Joan and company complain that her birth siblings ‘bother’ people and are cyberbullies!



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