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There are many real and right reasons for the institution of adoption; regardless of what Joan M Wheeler, duped by adoption, thinks.

by on October 20, 2015

Joan dislikes it when she is ‘painted’ or ‘tainted’ by certain cultural-social attitudes. But she has no problems using her own ‘painted and tainted’ views as she misrepresents and exploits her family! Talk about double-standards.

One example of her ‘double-standard is how she portrays herself, via Facebook, as ‘self-employed’. Joan has NEVER been ‘self-employed’. She has only started to use that ‘term’ since 2014, once she got her ‘revised’ version of her first garbage book into e-book format. She fancies herself as a writer! She is on NY State disability because she has never learned to get over her hate and rage of being adopted. She used to describe herself as a social-worker, but of course she has NEVER held a job as one and we, the birth-sibs, have been telling everyone that she is NOT a social worker. So, that’s the reasons behind her being ‘self-employed’!

After the following comment of Joan’s I present my own comment

Joan Mary Wheeler  Works at Self-Employed

I am very glad that an adoptive mother who is also an adoptee wrote this article. However, no parent should have the legal right to redact their names from a birth certificate – no one has that right now so there should be no reason to redact a name just because someone wants to hide. A birth certificate records the facts of birth. Amended birth certificates were invented to legitimize the illegitimate while sealing the actual birth certificate so no one could find out the horrible secret. But all adoptees today are subjected to this law that makes no sense in today’s world. Many single women keep their babies and illegitimate babies are created by sperm donors, yet these illegitimate children keep their birth certificates. Many children of divorce are adopted by their step parents and these older kids lose their actual birth certificates and are given new ones reflecting the new father as if he sired the child. Children who were conceived within a marriage and taken into foster care for their safety do not lose their birth certificate unless they are adopted. Other children conceived within a marriage and who lose one or both parents to an early death – half or full orphans – only lose their birth certificates if they are adopted. I am a half orphan. My mother died when I was three months old. My father relinquished me to a closed adoption. He gave my birth certificate to my adoptive parents when he gave me to them. They gave me my Original Birth Certificate when I was 18 just days after my reunion with my natural family. I have in possession a certified copy of my sealed birth certificate, but I do not have the legal right to it. I have been fighting for my right – and those of 7 to 10 million other adoptees in America – since 1974. I have been mocked, ridiculed, shunned and stalked because of my activism. And yes, I have been saying for all these years that an Adoption Certificate should replace the amended birth certificate. I am not alone. All American adoptees had this right prior to 1930 when states began sealing and amending adoptees’ birth certificates.

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Gert Mcqueen · Jefferson Community College

Joan Mary Wheeler says…

‘Many children of divorce are adopted by their step parents and these older kids lose their actual birth certificates and are given new ones reflecting the new father as if he sired the child.’

There are REAL and RIGHT reasons for those types of adoptions as well as for other types. Just because this person doesn’t like adoption or how birth-certificates are done doesn’t give her the right to interfere with the decisions of others. She used her ‘skills and tactics’ in attempts to STOP the adoption of two children of ‘divorce’; my father’s and my own!

She also said…‘I have been mocked, ridiculed, shunned and stalked because of my activism.’

Perhaps, if she kept her nose out of other people’s lives and their decisions, be in it person or on the web, and if she wouldn’t continue to exploit family members…

Here’s the other side of the story…

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October 20, 2015…1 pm

and while you’re at it…check out my new blog and Facebook page     duped by adoption, a book study



  1. Joan has a lot of nerve to squack about being ridiculed. She has always ridiculed and mocked me to put me down – in her trash book, she used it as a slam against me and my miscarriage saying “it’s a good thing she (me) couldn’t get pregnant, as she used her money to collect movies and horror stuff” (paraphrase) and recently on her facebook page, she said that I was raised on horror movies – presumably to show people that I am a violent person or something – yet SHE was the one last year who when discussing a Christian adoption group said “They’re Christians, people, Christians. They all deserve to die.”
    And she failed to tell in her book the incident in 1986 – when she went to see The Monkees in concert – then a couple of months later, when she was 8 and a half months pregnant, she went to see them again – and a week later calls me up crying because she got a notice from the electric company that they were shutting her electricity off – you don’t get a cut-off notice unless you haven’t paid your bill for a few months – so she would rather pay to see The Monkees a second time, rather than pay her electricity, never mind she was very pregnant with her daughter, and her son was going on 3 years old.
    Whenever her birth family has told her to shut up it was because we were tired of the LIES and misrepresentations she has said about our family.

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