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Doesn’t Rene Hoksbergen have anything better to do, in his retirement, than to continue to USE Joan M Wheeler’s families as whipping posts in a NEW forward?

by on November 15, 2015

duped by adoption & an woman's Struggle for Identity, a book study

Or has Joan used him, again? One never really knows with Joan because she is a sneaky con-artist who is always rewriting her life story, which includes me and mine!

When the e-book, titled, Forbidden Family, My Life as an Adoptee, Duped by Adoption, was first put out, May 2015, and I when I purchased it in June 2015, it stated and still states ….  Rene Hoksbergen (Editor), Michael Allen Potter (Editor) I would guess that Joan will NOT be able to change what Amazon has placed there!

Inside the e-book, at Kindle Location 28, it states, ‘Formatting for Kindle: Michael Allen Potter’

That is misleading for he is NOT an editor; he just formatted the text into a kindle language.

And at location 8200, which is now GONE, as Joan removed four chapters, the location is now 6919 and it states, ‘I express my gratitude to the many editors who have…

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