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No doubt about it, Joan M Wheeler’s latest revision, of Forbidden Family, Duped by Adoption, is ‘an eye-opening’ book! She is her own worst enemy and she doesn’t even know it! Review # 9

by on December 31, 2015


duped by adoption & an woman's Struggle for Identity, a book study

An eye-opening book…

Too bad, that most of those that read it, and/or review it, are BLIND to the fact that the book is pure BULLSHIT. The reason they are BLIND? They have been DUPED, by Joan, into believing Joan’s BULLSHIT. There is nothing in this revision that helps the cause, of reforming adoption laws, to give adoptees access to their birth/medical records. Joan doesn’t give a shit about reform; she deleted four chapters that had any information that could be of use for reform. Joan is not a reformist. She is an abolitionist! She will slant/fabricate anything to prove her points. She knows that most ‘non-thinking’ people will NOT question her because she is so GOOD at the art of deception.

Joan M Wheeler should not be believed! She has even ‘revised’ the TRUTH, from the first edition to the second edition! How can anyone believe what she writes…

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