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Another attempt to educate the ignore masses about the dangers of adoption, by Joan M Wheeler!

by on March 3, 2016


Not everyone is as stupid as Joan thinks they are.

The organism of the human body truly is a fascinating thing. It has many secrets that can help and/or hinder us. As we learn about how our bodies work we also must remember that the ‘body’ does not live in isolation from institutions that are formed and used by humans to maintain the lives of many. The institution of adoption is a NEEDED one. It may have flaws and needs improvements. But, adoption is not an evil nor will it ever be erased from the globe.

Adopteefedup is Joan M Wheeler on Yahoo news. Any place where she can, she will tell the world that she is adopted, that she is fedup, and that adoption is an evil!

While there is merit to the news story, and to ‘some’ of Joan’s positions, it must be remembered that there are billions of babies that are NOT able to bond or stay with the birth mother, herself included, as we shall see in the below comments.

Joan’s insistence that the world NEEDS TO BE EDUCATED, by her, indicates her self-delusion of grandeur, that she is a great educator; as well as being able to single-handedly get the masses to UNDERSTAND her position and policies and stop ADOPTING. This is why she is a bottom feeder. If she had any REAL educational expertise she would be in a college TEACHING.

Joan also has never learned the truth of this statement; ‘people who live in glass houses, should never throw stones’. She own personal history of dirty deeds and lying words, will always be there. And, the birth sisters will continue to tell the world.

From a Yahoo news story we learn that…

Tiny Mites Living on Your Face Hold the Key to Your Ancestry

By Richard Conniff | December 14, 2015 3:00 PM

The link below will take you DIRECTLY to the thread which started when an Alexandra asked a question. Check (click on) her replies to see all the replies, which are presented here.


Alexandra 2 months ago (about December 2015)

Wow. Wonder what happens if someone is adopted at birth? Does the person pick up
skin mites only from one’s birth mother — or from adoptive parents, too?

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adopteefedup 2 months ago

Intimate contact from mother at birth and nursing will transfer these mites from mother to infant. This is why it is so very important not to disrupt the natural order of life itself. When a newborn is removed from its mother, the newborn is not given natural environment. Think of all the people who come into contact with a newborn who is taken from mother at birth even before that infant settles into an adoptive home. I am adopted. I do not like this disruption at all. Unnatural. Also, think of what a surrogate mother ( who is stranger to the infant she gives birth to) transfers to the baby that is then transferred to someone else.

sarah 2 months ago

This is why I say “adoption is always second best.” Sorry it was tough on you.

Katie 2 months ago

Interesting question!

adopteefedup 2 months ago

Sarah – it is not only me – all adopted people are subjected tot his. Many people do not understand these finer points about adoption. Bonding between mother and baby also involves gut bacteria in our colons. As well as the physical and psychological bonding that is disrupted by adoption. Thanks for your concern!

Steven 2 months ago

adoptfeedup–we should learn by now there are many ways to raise children other than the nuclear family, and no child is the worse for wear from those alternatives. While orphanages and foster care are not ideal–neither should they be seen as worse case scenarios. And there is more than enough research that kids can transcend these deprivations–since the days of Anna Freud and her work at Hemstead Heath Nurseries of orphaned kids from Nazi concentration camps to John Bowlby with his extensive (3 volume ) examination of maternal/infant bonding and maternal deprivation. (I read a book–OK–what the hey–I read two books.)

Gert 1 day ago Feb 12, 2016

adopteefedup… yes bonding between parent and child involves more than bacteria…physical and psychological bonding are very important…So why was it necessary for you to interfere with another’s decision to adopt their OWN flesh and blood? All those ‘bonding’s’ were there! Was it your concern for the wellbeing of that child or was it because that child was ADOPTED?

Gert 1 day ago Feb 12, 2016

adopteefedup… you said This is why it is so very important not to disrupt the natural order of life itself.
BUT it was OK for you to disrupt the parent/child relationship? because they were adopting?

Ruth 1 day ago Feb 12, 2016

even if adoptedfedup was not adopted, she wouldn’t have bonded with her mother anyway, since she was in an incubator and then discharged from the hospital while her mother sadly died. So – what happens then? Whine and moan for the next 60 years, I guess.




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