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Adoption TRAUMA is the same as PTSD, so says Joan M Wheeler (duped by adoption), but is it?

by on April 17, 2016

Joan believes that she suffers from PTSD because she is adopted.

Well no, being adopted has nothing to do with what Joan suffers from. Joan may very well have suffered many forms of trauma during her life, from adoptive parents/family, as well as her own personal choices, such as with various men or her lack of jobs. But, she really can’t put all those traumas on the back of adoption! She really ought to begin to take responsibility for her own poor choices in her life!

I, and millions of others, do not believe that adoption is a trauma.

On Feb 23, 2016 Joan posted the following news story on her Facebook page

And Robert Allan Hafetz left this comment, on her page…

Its very misleading traumas are memories and in adoptees they are preverbal which means there is no cognitive connection. Adoption related trauma is not PTSD.

So what is he saying?

The article is ‘misleading’, care must be used to discern the message, as well as not misappropriating the article to suit one’s opinion (something Joan does).

Traumas are memories.

Adoption memories are before speech (pre-verbal) and have no cognitive or thinking aspects.

I’m assuming, Robert, means ‘being adopted as an infant’, for not every adoptee is adopted as an infant. The ‘act’ of being adopted, during infancy, in itself is NOT a trauma. In infancy there is no thinking/cognition of the ‘event’ to CAUSE a traumatic ‘memory’. So there can NOT be any Post Traumatic Stress involved!

I totally agree! It’s about time that people are beginning to point out the illogic of Joan, to her! And of course, she doesn’t have a come-back.

My own child was 16 when he was adopted by me and second husband. Joan interfered with our parental decisions, our rights and my children, because she believes adoption causes great harm (name change and birth certificate). Those ACTIONS, and more, of Joan’s, to myself and family, WERE traumas to us. I have MEMORIES of the TRAUMA done by Joan to me! I also have current TRAUMAS done by Joan via her first published libelous book and now her self-published second fabrication of libel!

So if Joan has PTSD it’s of her own making and has nothing to do with her being adopted as an infant.

See these links for more in depth information on Joan’s newest revision of the same old libelous material against birth and adoptive families.




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