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A new discussion topic on the ‘author’s page’ of Forbidden Family, Duped By Adoption!

by on August 17, 2016


duped by adoption & an woman's Struggle for Identity, a book study

Any author’s work should stand up to critical analysis and discussion; for without such, the ‘work’ is just a vanity piece written for personal attention! Because the author, of this particular vanity piece, has written ABOUT family members, it is all the more important to use critical analysis and thinking and engage in discussions.

I placed the following ‘discussion’ on the author’s page. Please do read and partake in discussion!

Your initial post: Aug 17, 2016 8:49:30 AM PDT

gert mcqueen says:

People can write comments on each review and can start discussions. I have six discussions about this book; Gert Mcqueen’s discussion topics. Each discussion goes into greater detail about aspects of this book. As well, you may click on my name, in any comment, to reach my profile page.
The topics are:
1) about the FORWARD.
2) Author’s description of what’s in the book.
3) changes in…

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