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Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel tells us why she became ‘hateful’ about adoption (4 of 6)

by on April 2, 2017

This tirade of hate shows the ‘state of mind’ that Joan was in while she was doing the final script of that FIRST libelous book, Forbidden Family. All this ‘hate’, and more, was placed within the pages of that book! Yep, don’t ever interrupt Joan when she’s telling her script!

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The following rampage is one of several found on this link and is directed to ‘John’ from half-orphan (Joan Wheeler). Pay attention to how her emotions take over, as she writes. Besides the insulting and browbeating, it takes the form of misspellings due to her not paying attention to the typing. Her hate does over flows! She does not know that HOW she writes is just as important as the WHY.

Unfortunately this site is no longer available

And NOTE the date! Her first ‘book’ was not published until November 2009. Joan had been out on the internet from 2008 lying about the birth family and spreading her gospel of hate and anger.

I became “hateful”

Submitted by half-orphan on Mon, 01/05/2009 – 15:56.

Joan said… John,

I became “hateful” becasue of the treatment I received by my so-called loving adotpive family!!! I have no ill-will toward my father for giving me up because he was faced withthe death of his wife and the family they wanted. He was in grief and all that a stpid catholic priest could do was to convince my father that he needed to make sure I was taken care of by two parents. Oh? The other four children didn’t need two parents? Of course they did! But, they had to face the fact that Mom died, and baby sister disapearred. Yes, they faced all of that together, and then, years later, I get blamed for causing Mom to die! My father did the best he could do at the time. I have forgiven him for that, but they others may not have.

Gert comments…AH ‘the so-called loving adotpice family!!! (spelling is Joan’s) This is the PRIMARY source of her hate! It has long been believed, by the birth family, that Joan was ABUSED in the adoptive family. Joan learned how to ABUSE others via the adoptive mother. Joan’s behavior pattern was set in the ‘nurture’ from that woman.

Because Joan did NOT know how the birth family’s behaviors were, (what was acceptable and unacceptable behaviors and personal boundaries) she was always in constant tension with us. Our father did NOT allow the yelling and arguing behaviors that Joan has. He was not the docile hen-pecked husband/father as the adoptive father was. The adoptive father allowed his dominating wife to have her way and he remained silent when his wife and adoptive daughter yelled and screamed at each other and then later when they screamed and yelled at Joan’s children.

Just shortly AFTER Joan wrote this comment, around June of 2009, our father KICKED her out of his LIFE after she insulted and attempted to ‘con’ him for monies (car repairs and publishing the book)! Everyone in the birth family had KICKED her out of their lives because of the abusive behaviors that Joan exhibited to us all. And Joan blames us!

When Joan writes about ‘how’ she was placed into adoption, she is repeating a story-line that is FIXED in her brain. She just will NOT accept the truth of the matter. Her truth is NOT THE TRUTH. All she does is PROJECT her ‘vision’ of what happened, gleamed from asking questions over decades, from various birth family members. She has a mish-mase of details that get woven by her and come out tainted with her bias! She also ASSUMES to know what is in the minds of others!

Joan said… What would have happened to me if my adoptive parents weren’t there? Oh, here comes the grateful adoptee routine!!! Dance step one: there were other couples who wanted to adopt me, there were other couples who wanted to adopt my brother and sisters, too. Let’s not go down this road, John, I outsmart any adoptive parent. Don’t forget, I’m the lucky bastard, no orphan, who was “saved” and “rescued” and therefore, owe all my allegance and respecct to the adoptive parents who made all the sacrifices? Oh, I’ve heard it all while growing up. And yes, my adoptive father appologized for keeping the secret from me, but his siblings, me dear sweet adoptive uncles an aunts were the vicious ones who attacked me for accepting a phone call out of the blue and accepting my natural famly back into my life.

Gert comments…here we see how Joan mocks people and circumstances. She doesn’t ‘get it’ that that mocking turns people OFF. There really does come a point in one’s life where they must become grateful (for life itself) or they perish! Joan’s SOUL is dead because she can NOT be grateful for the LIFE she has. No wonder she is depressed all the time. Plus she’s ‘full of herself’…she can ‘outsmart any adoptive parent’…only because she wants to abolish adoption and has nothing but contempt for anyone who adopts.

Sure that adoptive family seems to have been quite un-accepting and cruel to Joan but that is NO reason for why Joan went AFTER each and every member of the birth family and her continuous attacking of others who adopt.

Joan said… It is not easy living life as a True life Truman Show — all of my relatives knew the truth except me. NO ONE has the right to control another human like that! And when I realized that they all ganged up on me, then I lost respect for them. But a handful of relatives actually love me. The othyers played games with me and the knowledge they had of my other family.

Gert comments… If there is one thing I’ve learned from this adoption of Joan is…NO ONE, in either birth or adoptive family, should ever KNOW the identity of each other. There is no question that Joan has some synapses that are not working right or are not connected correctly, for she is so paranoid! So others KNEW what she didn’t know! Get a grip! Perhaps they were nasty and cruel, some people are! And because Joan ‘fights’ with anyone who doesn’t agree with her, I can see just how they would ‘gang’ up on her!

Joan certainly didn’t make her life any better by putting into writing all her hate and anger in that lousy book! Her purpose was to use herself as an example of why adoption is bad! And, at the same time make monies from the book (that libels both families) AND become a ‘known’ author who would do book-tours and conventions AND have a movie made of her life! No wonder she hates the birth siblings NOW because she can’t use us anymore!

I would so like to know how the adoptive family viewed that book. I’m sure there are many that approved of our (birth siblings) actions that got the book pulled from publication.

Joan said… Yes, end adoption now! Closed, sealed adoption is desctructive. Legal guardianship is a much better avenue that not only respects the family of origin, but also gives a child in need of care a family to live with. Don’t tell me I don’t know anything about this. I know people who were raised in foster care and released into the world without ever seeing a family, but a series of of foster homes. And I do know poeple who were raised in guardianship by grandparents.

Gert comments… This is Joan’s position! End adoption! Sorry but guardianship within a birth family, like ours, doesn’t always present itself or it is unacceptable! This is what Joan refuses to accept! Our father said, that if he could NOT raise her NO ONE in the family would raise her! His second wife refused to take the infant Joan, therefore the only option WAS adoption. Period, end of story. But Joan is only interested in abolishing adoption!

Joan said… But, you ask about my family.Correction, my adoptive parents did not step forward. They were investigated by an attorney hired by my father. My adoptive parents did a home study, my mother had to quit her job to stay home with me, and they had to submit financial papers and church papers. They did not step up to anything. My father chose them for his reasons, which he told me about after our reunion. I would have been adopted, or in guardianship, with any of several other couples who were there at the time. My godparents were taking care of me before I was placed in my pre-adoptive home.

Gert comments… yes, Joan’s godparents were taking care of her along with their own children! They and others in my mother’s family wanted to ‘adopt’ Joan as well as two other siblings. That is WHEN my father said NO to guardianship and/or adoption within the birth families! Like I said, he said that if he could NOT raise her NO ONE in the family would raise her! He was NOT giving up all his children, he just was UNABLE to care for the last infant. Why? Because of woman he married, 3 months after the first wife died, refused to take the infant. Sorry if anyone has a problem with that, but that was what happened! People have to make difficult choices in life and children in particular ought to attempt to understand the decisions made by their parents.

As far as what adoptive parents must go through before adopting…it all depends on the state’s procedures. I adopted my own son with second husband. The child was over age 14 and had to give own permission to be adopted! We had home studies and background checks and we both had long standing jobs.

When Joan violated my parental rights, during my adoption process, and she called false child abuse upon me and filed for ‘custody’. I requested a home study done on HER. She failed! Her hands are dirty! No one ought to deal with her! That is why I speak out and up about her behavior!

Joan said… Keep in mind, John, the way I was raised was hateful in itself. Because my adoptive mother never wanted me to know the truth. Her hatred, her possissiveness over me, and her contolling my every move influenced how other relative behaved behind my back. Manipulative, cunning, deceitful, not loving at all. Howver, the aunts and uncles who were very loving to me also had blended families of their own — divorce and remarrage with two sets of siblings, yes, from these families there was love, and inclusive love, recognizing the other divorved and remarried parent as being a parent, too, and the other children being our cousins, too.

Gert comments… Here’s the admission… Joan was raised with hate via the adoptive mother! Luck of the draw! That parent was what the Fates made for Joan! No one has a say in the birth/life cycle they have. All anyone can do is ‘deal with what you have’.

I’m not saying that that adoptive mother was right in her actions and beliefs. I am acknowledging the negative behaviors that she was raised with. Point is, if Joan recognizes it, then it is her responsibility to NOT do the same behavior! Again, no one is immune from negative behaviors in their childhood. But, everyone has a responsibility, in adulthood, ONCE they recognize that behavior, to change their own behavior, to the betterment. Joan never has and still uses and exploits the behavior of the adoptive mother as a tool to do the same negative behavior to others.

Joan said… I never said that you weren’t a father, John, and it’s good that you got the original birth certificates for your boys. WOW! Congratulations! Other adoptive parents have told me: and yes, I could send you a scanned copy of the photo of an adoptive mother and the article in which she says, “We adopted from a foreign country, it is a fringe benefit that our child will never know the birthparents.” THAT is possessive, manipulative and typical of adoptive parents who display the “Me, Me, Me” attitude. Rather, mine, mine all mine!

Gert comments… So why does Joan feel she has to get all bend out of shape over some adoption in a foreign country? Why can’t she stay in her own back yard? Because she NEEDS to keep feeding her hate and anger! She pretty much has exhausted the home market; her name is known as a hater so people turn a deaf ear to her rants. Even since the birth family became her victims (again) via that libelous book, we have exposed her and many ‘named’ reformers have been distancing from Joan, who carries too much bad garbage.

Joan said… Yes, go ahead and use your 37 year old adoptee for your proof that not all adoptees have my “focus”. That’s true. I’ve heard it all. Nothing you say is new to me. Nothing! Adoptees who have the attitude toward thier natural parents that your son has, do not know what would happen should they be contacted. I suspect that if your son would be contacted, he’d be mad at his natural mother and father for giving him away. He doesn’t know their circumstances, so he can’t give an answer to why he was released for adoption. If he should ever want to know, the records should be open for him to request them without prejudice.

Gert comments… So yes, Joan knows what others think of her and her ‘focus’ but she doesn’t care, she’s right and the whole world is wrong!

Joan said… Yes, according to the Catholic Church, I still am Doris Sippel. That is the name I was baptised with. And, three years after I was baptised, the Catholic Church wrote a falsified baptismal certificate for my adoptive parents in my adoptive name so I could attend school. However, from an adoptee’s point of view, my baptism wasn’t even respected. If you know anything at all about being Catholic, you know that in order to become a nun or a priest, or even to get married, one must use the name given at baptism. When I got married, I had both a Catholic priest and a protestant minister and I used both of my names, one religiously recognized, and one legally recognized.

Gert comments… and according to the Catholic church etc is why I eventually took my soul back from them! What does it matter if the church still thinks I’m ‘married’ to someone I divorced? Who cares what they think anyway. This type of argument is all irrelevant! If Joan used two priests it was only for her sense of drama. She does things like that; drama queen!

Joan said… If what I’m reading from you now is, that you tried to get all documents of birth for your adoptees, then you did what you could to secure personal information for your children who are also the children of two other parents. But then, you defend a birthmother’s right to remain anonymous, or say that adoptees have no right to “disturb” her. Makes no sense.

Gert comments… Joan doesn’t make sense! As always, she sees things from ‘the adoptee’s’ point of view and then doesn’t give the other the same right to view things from ‘their’ point of view!

Joan said… My adoptive parents were never given the respect due them from my full blood siblings. In 1974, there were no support groups, no books, no search consultants to give searching advice, and no reunion consultants to give advice. My siblings did bardge in on my life, and the lives of my adoptive parents. Even though I was 18, and of legal age to be an adult, no one seemed to care about our nuclear famly. My siblings just wanted to know their baby sister, they waited for 18 years to contact me. But they did so without taking into consideration the feelings of my adoptive parents, nor did they care about our father’s wishes.

Gert comments… ok, the birth siblings are guilt as charged! Yes, the four of us made a decision, without consulting our father, but did consult with an adoption agency and a lawyer who both said we, siblings, were legally able to contact our sibling. We siblings discussed whether or not to include Dad and we decided not to. Because I am the oldest it was deemed that I should make that ‘first contact’. Joan is always stuck on ‘there was no’ what ever. Her circumstances/situation is no different from any other’s. In my life I can point to many ‘there was no’ what ever available. That was then, this is now!

Joan said… The first contact should not have been from the oldest sibling to the youngest. For that action, I paid dearly. My sister created a fire storm in my nuclear family for contacting me by phone. Years later, my father tearfully told me it should have been up to him. His adult children did not give him respect to ask, “Gee, Dad, what do you think we could do? What’s the best way to approach this. She may not know (and I didn’t) that she has sisters and brothers and we shouldn’t scare her or intrude upon her life.”

Gert comments…It’s always so easy to determine ‘what should have been done’ when YOU are NOT the person that made a decision, right or wrong. If it’s any comfort, we birth siblings TODAY know that contacting Joan was the WORST mistake we ever did, for she has caused us all a great of pain.

Joan said… But, no, my father was left out of the decision to contact me. My adoptive parents would have responded differently had they been contacted by my father. After all, the three of them were in court together several times arranging for my adoption. They were not strangers to each other.

Gert comments… Perhaps! but that isn’t what happened. What ifs are useless!

Joan said… In fact, in the early days of reunion, my two fathers shook hands, played cards, talked of old times, and relaxed into the situation. My mother (adoptive) did not have another mother to shake hands with, so she could not see and touch my natural mother. THis lead my adoptive mother into fears that I’d run away.

Gert comments… That fear, in the adoptive mother, was there long before Joan was adopted. I doubt very much that my father spent any significant time with the adopted parents discussing old times. This is just another one of Joan fantasies.

Joan said… I have a step mother, too, who has been nothing but in the middle, taking the brunt of typical stepmother treatment from my siblings. I was not raised with her or by her, and my siblings did treat her unkindly. By the time I came into the family, she had been married to my father for several years. She’s accepted me into her family and her heart, and I to her.

Gert comments… Excuse me! Joan is lying here big-time. There was NO brunt of typical stepmother treatment from my siblings! That is another example of pure Joan fantasy. If Joan wasn’t raised by our stepmother how does Joan KNOW how she was treated? The libelous book had many elaborate ‘episodes’ of ‘drama’ related to how our family interacted together and with her; all of which were totally wrong and made up for the sensational aspects that Joan always goes after!

Joan said… While my adoptive mother has always treated me with condesension and spitfullness, she does love me, and I her. It is a difficult relationship because adoption took a turn she didn’t know how to cope with. Most adoptees are from “illegitmate” beginnings. But mine was not, therefore, Mom didn’t know what to do. She, herself, is a half orphan raised in an orphange. But her father didn’t allow any of his children to be adopted out. His wife, their mother, died young, at age 24.

Gert comments… Everyone has a background that informs their behavior and future decisions.

Joan said… The trap of adoption is that “the adoptee is never supposed to know”. My mother knew about her deceased mother, I was not supposed to know anything about my deceased mother. What’s the difference? The difference is the faking of a birth certifcate and the social implications of that lie.

Gert comments… ‘trap of adoption’? It’s only a trap if one feels the cage! If only Joan would let go of her hate and anger!

Joan said… I am a social worker, John, I may not have a Masters Degree, nor do I have a PhD, but I do have a Bachelors and I do know adoption psychology, sociology, and adoption law.

Gert comments… But she’s NEVER had a real job as one! She is unqualified to give anyone counseling because of her various mental instabilities, that she herself documents! She also states that she CAN NOT work because of her mental instabilities. All she can do is browbeat people on various web sites. Would you ‘want’ Joan as your social worker?

Joan said… When you claim you have to defend the “rights” of natural parents, then you are stepping out of bounds. You are an adoptive father, not a natural father. You don’t know how natural parents feel or what they want. You certainly cannot speak for adoptees, either.

Gert comments… See what I mean? She is taking this guy to task for his ‘right’ to think and act on his own. Just as Joan said her siblings ‘were out of bounds’, so too is this guy! Image Joan as a ‘social-worker’ telling a client this! and you paying for it! Joan did this to ME! I was the natural parent and she VIOLATED my parental rights by insisting that I was doing ‘great harm’ to my child by ADOPTING him!

Joan said… I have my civil rights to defend and gain back. You have yours already. Be thankful for what you have, I still have yet to be respected from Surrogate’s Court.

Gert comments… Condescending attitude! She mocks this guy with ‘be thankful’ while she refuses to be thankful for what she HAS… a life!

Joan said… By the way, my mother will be 93 in a few weeks. Last week, we were talking about adoptees’ rights. Last December, Mom saw Senator Benoit (Illinois, I think, or Maine?) on TV as an adoptee speaking up for open access to her own birth records. Mom got jealous, for me, saying, “Why aren’t you on TV?” I told her that we all do what we can in the legal battle for adoptees rights.

Gert comments… Joan is incapable of being on TV or any public venue because she rants and raves so much that she would be pulled off camera! Joan believes she is helping the ’cause’ via her browbeating pro-adoption people but she is turning people off.

Joan said… Mom said, “You are right, I did not give birth to you. I missed all of that.” That was December 2007. A few days ago, New Years Day 2009, Mom said, “What about a compromise? How about a birth certificate/adoption certificate showing both sets of parents?” Well, parts of Australia already do that, but give adoptive parents the right to nix any birth information at all. Therefore, the only good solution is to have one, and only one, birth certificate, and one, and only one, adoption certificate that tells the truth of how adoptive parents became parents. With the truth told on documents, there is no room for social lying and sabotage of relationships that accompanies closed adoption.

Gert comments… Part of this response, of Joan’s, sounds too ‘composed’…like what she says that my father ‘said’ and how her libelous book said and the ‘party-line’ that Joan and others speak. I know enough about Joan, and her writings, to spot the ‘composed’ line of bullshit. This is HOW she gets her ‘script’ out there, by conning people into thinking that the ‘story’ she is telling is correct!

I’m not an expert and don’t pretend to be one, on adoption. I do feel that medical information ought to be available upon request and perhaps parentages. To do that, the information must be available before adoption and perhaps kept within Vital Statics.

Joan said… Adoptive parents become parents by a legal contract, not by conception and birth, therefore, no adoptive parents names belong on an falsified birth certificate.

Gert comments… only in the adoptee’s mind does this make sense!

Joan said… As for those emotional relatiomships between adoptive parents and their adotpees: if the adoptive parents give love, courtesy, respect to the pershonhood of the children they adopt, then the child will reciprocate. But if that child was treated with mixed messages, as I was, then the adoptee is left feeling used.

Gert comments… you know what?? parents, of any kind, are just humans. We all grow up and before we know it, get involved over our heads. We all are living ‘by the seat of our pants’. Joan wants upotia! Never will happen in the world of humans.

Joan said… I was used for display. I was the perfect daughter, the spoiled child, the one who was envied by my cousins because they had to share everything, but I was an only child and my parents showered me with nice dressees, Catholic private school, a nice house in the suburbs and a nice yard. yes, my cousins were jealous because they didn’t have what I had: physical pampering. But that backfired on me and my adoptive parents. IF they had treated my past, and my family of origin with respect, and my right to know, then they would not have been upset at the prospect of my reunion with natural family.

Gert comments… this nonsense is the product of Joan’s ‘point of view’, which backfired on her with her adoptive family and her birth family…because…Joan NEVER stopped for a second to ask anyone HOW THEY FELT. Joan has always lived via her ‘inner self’. By the nature of a ‘inner self’, IT doesn’t communicate with others. Joan never told anyone, at any given moment, what she was feeling. And she wonders why no one ‘understands’ her. Joan NEVER gave anyone respect yet she demands that SHE gets respect!

Joan said… John, this is just a small synopsis fo what really happened. How in the hell do you expect me to feel when a cousin, whom I played with as a child, treats me with hatred at my (adoptive) father’s funeral? To tell me that I “openly declare that I have two fathers and that I don’t belong at my father’s funeral” is the most cruel comment coming from an adoptive relative!

Gert comments… ‘small synopsis’ ??? Joan is still talking to a stranger here, who probably left her rant a long time ago! And people think that we of the birth family are strange! We only refute and set right the lies and garbage that Joan has said OUT THERE long before we KNEW about it.

Joan said… Years later, I had to have my adoptive uncle (whose real name is John) arrested for sending me hate mail for 25 years…he was caught and faced jail time. I saved the annonymous leters, the handwritting matched and the police arrested him. The police and lawyers wanted to know why he did what he did. The answer: because he believed that I was disloyal toward his older brother, my adoptive father, for “carrying on” a reunion with my blood kin! The police and lawyers shook their heads. “What’s it to him, what you do? It’s your life, if you want a reunion with blood kin, fine, he doesn’t have the right to harass you, send you hate mail, or mock you.”

Gert comments… Even here, on a net web site, Joan puts out the real name of an adoptive relative. Joan’s adoptive name is Wheeler, the uncle is Wheeler and his real name is John. Nice going there Joan. Just like she wrote a non-fiction book (that means a true story) and published the REAL family names and other vital information and then proceeded to ‘construct’ a fictional (that means non-truth) story. That is why her book is libelous and pulled from publication!

And BEFORE she got the goods on this uncle, she BLAMED us the birth sisters! The way Joan states here, about HOW the police and lawyers behaved and what they said…is PURE JOANISMS. That’s just how she portrayed what police said about the birth siblings! All of it pure fabrication from Joan’s diseased mind. No REAL police officer or lawyer would state what Joan says they said. That’s another reason why her book was libeous…she PUT words in people’s mouths that they never said; that called misrepresenting the truth.

Joan said… And that’s my point, John. If adoptees want to get their birth certificate or to have a reunion with blood kin, that is their right to do whatever they want to do in this free country. If the person contacted does not want a reunion, and that person says no, than the adoptee making contact has the resposibilty to back off, but in no way should any person be banned from their record of birth.

Gert comments… it’s up to this ‘free’ country’s lawmakers to give adoptees’ their rights! It is NOT Joan’s browbeating people that will do that. She doesn’t live via her own standards! She REFUSED to ‘back off’ and get away and stay away from members of the birth family, particularly after she harmed them. Joan violated, as in this comment before the book was published, the privacy of the entire birth family.

Joan said… Respect, respect, respect. Responsibilty, responsiblity, responsibility. Adults act like adults, but my 75year old Uncle sent hate mail to me in care of my church! And you call ME hateful! Wrong!

Gert comments… Yep the guy was wrong! And Joan’s actions are wrong as well!

Joan said… My 25 year old son is here now. I need to spend time with him.

Gert comments… Joan should have spend time with both her children while they were young instead of causing trouble with various birth family members! She didn’t because she was ALWAYS writing that libelous book! And why should ‘John’ care whether Joan’s son is there or not? Drama!

Joan said… Oh, by the way, no two dads on a falsified birth certifcate, either, nor two moms. Gay rights to marry, fine, people have the right to marry who they want to marry, as long as they don’t hurt anyone in the process. Putting two names on a falsified birth certificate is immoral, unethical, it is legal, but shouldn’t be. Lying on vital statics documents is a crime against nature, and the person who’s birth is supposed to be on record!

Gert comments… Who decides whether ‘they don’t hurt anyone in the process’? Who decided that Joan’s actions against the birth siblings was the right thing to do? Joan always acts as a judge and jury on anything. It’s ‘legal’ but it shouldn’t be! What an ass!

Joan said… Joan

Gert comments… yep she told ‘John’ off alright! Just like she told the birth family. She is the dictator.

and now I want to share

I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler (Doris Michol Sippel) says about me and family. The first book Forbidden Family, A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism‘ was published in 2009 but then was pulled from publication by the publisher in May 2011, for libelous material within the book. Then in 2015, she ‘self-published’ a ‘revised’ version calling it ‘Forbidden Family, an adoptee duped by adoption’. This woman has no shame no sense of family honor! Then in 2016 Joan changed her name back to her birth name and rewrote and republished the SAME crap in another book; a Third edition! CALLED ‘Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity’! Talk about conning people!   this blog is titled Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

this blog’s title/sub title is… DUPED BY ADOPTION & AN WOMAN’S STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY, A BOOK STUDY an in-depth analyzes of the books called Forbidden Family; My Life as an Adoptee Duped by adoption & An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity by Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel.

also see this Facebook page…

do check us out

In addition…see the ‘discussion’ forums, on Amazon, for two of the books. The first book has one review and several comments related.

Forbidden Family: My Life as an Adoptee Duped by Adoption forum

Joan Mary Wheeler forum

review of first book and 4 comments


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