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Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel continues to lie about ‘what really happened’ as to her being placed into adoption

by on July 6, 2017

As usual Joan/Doris seeks out any and all opportunities to spread her falsehoods, about how she was placed into adoption. And of course I take that opportunity to present the TRUTH of that matter. She also uses ANY opportunity to spread her agenda of anti-adoption! It’s appalling that she continues to exploit OUR PARENTS! Some day, she will be on HER death bed and will feel the FULL WEIGHT OF HER LIES.

As is the prerogative of any blog owner, they do not have to publish each and every comment. Such is the case here, with my reply; when I submitted my reply it was placed in ‘moderation’ and within an hour it was ‘gone’…that’s the way it is in the world of blogs and comments. And because I have a blog or two of my own…I can blog about the entire thing!

I’m NOT presenting the entire blog or comments, just Joan/Doris and my own. Joan/Doris reblogged it on her own blog.

TAKE NOTE of how Joan/Doris browbeats, insults and condemns, whom she is speaking to.

legitimatebastard on July 4, 2017 at 4:34 pm said:


Heather, I am a half orphan. My mother died and my father was widowed with 5 children.

Before I tell you my story, let me say that I occasionally write under the nickname of “halforphan56” but more recently chose to go with “legitimatebastard” because it is adoption law that governs what happens to the adoptee’s identity papers. The orphan and the bastard both are re-born to the adopting “parents” via the new, amended birth certificate. Laws were written to legitimize the bastard, but I did not need to be legitimize since I was born to married parents.

You claim “your son” needed to be adopted. Not so. Other family members could have been helped to keep him within his extended family. That is called Kinship Care. But since you insisted upon removing him form his home country, you took him away from his culture and language as well. That is cruel.

Legal guardianship within the home country and city would have been the next possible solution for this boy. But you chose to make him “your own” via adoption. You have ownership papers in the form of the adoption decree and his accurate medical record of live birth was revoked and sealed, and a replacement birth certificate was made indicating that you gave birth to him. How does it feel to be a Christian who lies?

Nothing you say convinces me that adoption was best for this boy. There are other alternatives, but you assume it is adoption as the answer. Because you are not aware of other alternatives.

Here is my situation. Again, an adoption was not necessary for me, a half orphan:

James 1:27 “…. to look after the orphans and widows in their distress …”

I never held it against my 31 year old father for making the hard decision to relinquish me into adoption less than one month after my 30 year old mother died. He was a devout Catholic and followed the advice of his parish priest.

It is the PRIEST who I fault. He said to my father at my mother’s funeral, “The baby needs two parents.” Sure, if you look only at the constant care of an infant, but wouldn’t it have been so much more loving, so much more caring and helpful if the PRIEST had offered help in the form of suggesting that volunteers from the church come in and help to care for me and my older siblings? How about donations of food, clothes, diapers, money? My grandparents were sick. Other family members had babies of their own. My father was stretched to the limit. He gave away his 5th child because a PRIEST put the idea in his head.

Oh, and, minutes after the priest spoke, a woman came up to my father and said, “I know someone who will take your baby.”

Her brother became my adoptive father.

Nice going, lady. Swoop down on a grieving husband and father. Take the baby off his hands, free up one more child that he didn’t need to feed so that you could pride yourself on procuring someone else’s baby for your brother. Nice going, Aunt Gertie, mighty Christian of you. May you rot in hell along with that priest.

This is not to say I didn’t love my adoptive parents, this is to say that my adoption was arranged by Catholics who were anything but Christian. I remain, and always will be, a “good without god” atheist; how I became adopted is just one of many reasons that I am no longer “a believer.”


And Gert’s comment that didn’t get approval…

What ‘really’ happened…

Wife was placed in hospital on drugs to ‘hold’ pregnancy and complete bed rest. Ten days AFTER she gave birth to her 5th child, in her hospital bed, the mother had exploring surgery; it was found she had terminal cancer.

Husband and wife spoke about what to do about the children being cared for by elderly grandparents and relatives. Infant was placed temporary with relatives. The father never bonded with infant.

With dying wife permission, husband proposed a marriage of convenience to a woman they knew that had two fatherless children. This ‘marriage’ would have given his 5 and her 2 children two parents…but…the second wife REFUSED to accept the infant. Some relatives wanted to ‘adopt’ the infant, but the father said, ‘if I can’t raise her no one else in the family will’.

The day his wife died, in his mind, his 5th child died as well; that was how he was able to give her up into adoption. Shirt-tale relatives KNEW of a couple that wanted a child, simple as that! There was NO involvement with anyone from any religion, nor was this discussed at his wife funeral.

Three months after his wife died, he remarried to provide for 6 children as he proceeded with the adoption of child #5; out of sight, out of mind!

The adopted out child had a stable two-parent home. Her siblings did NOT.

Due to long-term hospitalization of the second wife, one year after DEATH of mother, 4 LITTLE children, were placed into orphan & foster homes!



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