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Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel has found another avenue to sell her lying book!

by on July 12, 2017

and yet MORE of her exploiting the family for her own fame and fortune.

duped by adoption & an woman's Struggle for Identity, a book study

Apparently, sales have NOT been good! How could they be? Who wants to spend money on this idiot’s life? It’s common knowledge that her book is garbage and untrue!

Where’s that OTHER book she was going to publish a YEAR ago, the one with OTHER adoptees? Guess she didn’t get any takers for that! Nope she needs to get out of the book writing selling business!

Before long we will find Joan/Doris standing on street corners hawking her book!

Mainstream adoption reformers DON’T list her book on their book lists; they know that her books are NOT going to help the reform movement and they don’t want to be associated with her when the FAMILY (me) exposes them. And expose I will do!

So she’s found another way! Seen on Facebook…

Adoptee Voices Promotions

Under items for sale, we find

Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity.


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